Develop your psychic abilities, Level 3 – Working in the Astral Worlds.

  • Working in the astral and spiritual worlds.
  • Your personal astral healing temple.
  • Reading for yourself and others.
  • Reading for animals and places.
  • Clearing energies and cutting cords.
  • Reading timelines, past lives and the akashic records.
  • Daily check-in, grounding and skills practice.
  • Ethics for psychics and energy workers.

This course gives you the opportunity to deepen and strengthen the psychic skills you learned in Level one and Level two. Psychic abilities make your life better by giving you a grounded, centered presence. With your psychic abilities you can quickly and easily clear unwanted energies from yourself and others. You will journey in the spiritual worlds with confidence and conscious clarity. You will access spiritual information to help yourself and others.

Pre-requisite for this course is completion of Level one and Level two. These courses require good physical health and sound mental health.