Trouble with Transdimensionals

In my role as a clairvoyant and shamanic practitioner I often encounter spirits, beings and entities when I journey in the inner worlds and on the spiritual planes. But occasionally I encounter mysterious creatures in the 3D world when I am wide awake and present in my body.

One time after I spent many hours creating and charging a complicated crystal grid, two angels appeared in my living room. They showed up after the grid was completed when I was relaxing on my couch after working on the ritual. I did not call or invoke them. They were two tall, substantial, glowing elongated ovals of bright light. One was about seven feet tall, the other six feet. They did not have wings, features or faces. My claircognizance informed me they were angels. I was looking at them (and a bit scared, actually), waiting for them to say something profound and angelic. Finally I said “hello” and they immediately disappeared. This all happened in the middle of the day with my eyes open and when I was wide awake. It felt like I was staring at them for a very long time but it was probably only a few seconds.

I had a different type of transdimensional experience with what I call “energy critters”. I see them as tiny black smudges that move quickly, and are only ever seen out of the corner of my eye. Unlike the angels I saw, who felt beneficent, the energy critters are never positive. They are opportunistic parasites who appear and feast on life energy when auric boundaries are broken down due to stress, sickness or other reasons. They are feeders and they drain energy. I only ever see them when I am dealing with extremely challenging events in my life.

One of my spiritual teachers was interested in beings and entities that manifest in the 3D world. He had many encounters with a variety of these entities and he taught his students ways to protect against engergetic intrusions from unwelcome entities. He called them “transdimensionals” and he said they are able to shift into our 3D world sometimes and be seen and interact with us but they are not able to stay here.

Recently I spoke to a lady named Laura who had two frightening encounters with a terrifying transdimensional. She is from Nova Scotia and when she was a child aged 5 or 6 they lived in a house next to a forest. They lived in Guysborough county, near a lake called “Giant’s Lake”. As a child she loved to explore the forest in her backyard and she spent many happy hours there. One day while playing in the forest alone she was approached by a transdimensional entity. He was the size and shape of a man, and he moved like a man, but he was an energtic being of pure malevolent darkness. She remembers feeling a visceral terror as she ran home. She has never forgotten this encounter and she never played in the forest near her home ever again. Her reaction to run away was instinctual terror. After her family moved away from Nova Scotia she never saw or experienced the entity ever again and she believes it was connected to that specific place.

She had two encounters with the entity. One was when she was alone in the forest. The other encounter happened when she was walking down a country road near Giant’s Lake with her mother and sisters at around sunset. She turned around as they walked along the road and she saw the same entity that had approached her in the forest, following her family. She was too scared to say anything and when she turned around again the entity had vanished.

Have you experienced transdimensionals? Many people have!

Move Towards Simplicity

There is nothing inherently wrong with complexity but when you are faced with making decisions, consider moving towards simplicity. If you have to jump through numerous hoops to accomplish something it might be worth your while to do so, or it might be a pointless energy drain. Consider this when you make decisions.

Simplicity in this case suggests “easy” or “least effort necessary to achieve a good result” or “elegant solution” or “creative minimalism” or even “less is more”. It does not mean reductive or childish or lacking effort or simply not caring. Simplicity also suggests authenticity, because being yourself is much easier than trying to be someone or something you are not.

Practicing simplicity is one of many ways to walk the Path of Goodness. How do you actively move towards simplicity? One way is to rid yourself of energetic detritus you have gathered over the years. Habitual thoughts and actions define you. Can you think differently? Can you do things differently?

Your body will tell you when you are moving towards simplicity. Gently bypass your mental complexes and defenses and anxieties. Tell them you are in charge now. Step back and observe the byzantine maneuvers of your thoughts, and how they tend towards complexity. The more you practice listening to the wisdom of your body, the more simple your life will become.

Listen to your body wisdom. Pay attention to your heart energy (love), your belly energy (protection) and your grounding energy (survival). Listen to them first, and then by all means check in with your head energy afterwards because reasoning has a place at the table too. This is how you move towards simplicity and walk the Path of Goodness.

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