This is a fun little documentary that suggests the origin of story of the Santa story is Sami shamans from Lapland. The film is nicely done. The interviews of Carl Ruck and Lawrence Millman are interesting and the animations and visuals are clever and appealing.

The story is not entirely convincing, though. The documentary tries too hard to connect every aspect of the Santa story in a literal way to folklore about the Christmas eve travels of Santa Clause. For example, they suggest that shamans visiting people’s homes and being rewarded with food was the source of the “milk and cookies” which children leave for Santa on Christmas eve.

But any weaknesses in the story can be forgiven because the film is fun, lighthearted and thought provoking. I welcome any pop culture documentaries about shamanism. I give “Santa is a Psychedelic Mushroom” a 4/5 and recommend watching.

Screen capture from the film “Santa is a Psychedelic mushroom”

Is Santa Based on a Psychedelic Shaman? Dec 25, 2018 Video by Matthew Salton

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