Do you dream at night? I had a rich dream life when I was younger but over the years as I experienced significant ongoing trauma in my personal life, my dreams disappeared. It would be more accurate to say my conscious recall of my dreams disappeared. Supposedly we all dream so I assume I was probably dreaming but just not remembering my dreams. My dream-life was a dry wasteland for decades.

I didn’t pay much attention to this until I enrolled in an intense, year long Jungian study course in 2017. One of the study units was about dreams. We were shown how to interpret our dreams and we were asked to choose one of our dreams and write about it.

As the other group members posted detailed accounts of their dreams, I admitted I had not been able to remember my dreams for many years. Up until that point my lack of dreams was not something that bothered me. I never thought much about it until I was asked to write about my dreams and I realized I had none.

Studying Jungian ideas in an experiential way for a year shifted something for me. Slowly, I began to remember my dreams. The first dream I recalled after my decades-long dream drought was a delight for me. I eagerly posted it in the online Jungian course group even though we were not studying dreams at that time.

I still do not have the rich, detailed dream life of my younger years, but I am remembering my dreams occasionally now, which is a wonder for me. Usually they are just brief snippets, but even that is welcome.

Intuitively, I feel like being able to access my sleep dreams again means I can access my life dreams again. It is like a fountain is flowing in my subconscious once more, watering the parched land and welcoming life and growth.

Copyright © 2018 Terri Robin
Image: Copyright © 2018 Terri Robin