In the category of “people who bother you”, neighbor problems can be the worst. Homes are a root chakra issue for most people, a sanctuary from the discordant energies of the world, a place of safety, security and peace of mind. A home is where we rest and restore ourselves.

A friend took me to a self help group. One of the participants spoke about the problems she was having with the “neighbor from hell”. Apparently he was noisy at all hours which annoyed her greatly. She spoke about all the terrible things he did that bothered and upset her. It did not appear he was doing anything illegal or overtly threatening. She seemed to enjoy all the attention from the other group members as they offered advice on how to deal with the neighbor from hell.

Sometimes we cannot see our own problems clearly because we are too close to them. The woman did not have a neighbor problem. She had an energetic problem. She was devoting most of her time, thought, feeling and life energy to her annoying neighbor. The more we think about something, the more space it takes up in our lives. Every aspect of her day became about him.

When it was my turn to speak I said the solution was easy. She should stop thinking and talking about him. She should do an energetic ritual and banish him from her mind, her energy field and her property. She should cut all energetic cords between him and her. She should set clear and strong energetic boundaries around her life that had nothing to do with him. She should find positive and productive activities to occupy her time. And she should release all of it to the Loving Universe to take care of. I said as soon as she did this, her neighbor problem would disappear fast. She looked at me like I was crazy and there was a moment of silence before she informed me that none of that would work .

I realized she was quite attached to her “bad neighbor” problem. The advice I gave her was powerful and true but she was not ready to hear it. Letting go of the problem from an energetic level was literally unthinkable to her at that time. But perhaps my words planted a seed that would grow in the future, opening her consciousness to expanded possibilities when she was ready to take that step.

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