There is nothing inherently wrong with complexity but when you are faced with making decisions, consider moving towards simplicity. If you have to jump through numerous hoops to accomplish something it might be worth your while to do so, or it might be a pointless energy drain. Consider this when you make decisions.

Simplicity in this case suggests “easy” or “least effort necessary to achieve a good result” or “elegant solution” or “creative minimalism” or even “less is more”. It does not mean reductive or childish or lacking effort or simply not caring. Simplicity also suggests authenticity, because being yourself is much easier than trying to be someone or something you are not.

Practicing simplicity is one of many ways to walk the Path of Goodness. How do you actively move towards simplicity? One way is to rid yourself of energetic detritus you have gathered over the years. Habitual thoughts and actions define you. Can you think differently? Can you do things differently?

Your body will tell you when you are moving towards simplicity. Gently bypass your mental complexes and defenses and anxieties. Tell them you are in charge now. Step back and observe the byzantine maneuvers of your thoughts, and how they tend towards complexity. The more you practice listening to the wisdom of your body, the more simple your life will become.

Listen to your body wisdom. Pay attention to your heart energy (love), your belly energy (protection) and your grounding energy (survival). Listen to them first, and then by all means check in with your head energy afterwards because reasoning has a place at the table too. This is how you move towards simplicity and walk the Path of Goodness.

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