Clairvoyant Session:

This is a general clairvoyant reading of whatever psychic information is showing up in your energy field. You can ask questions about things that interest you, such as relationships, life changes, moves, health, etc. Timeline readings (past and/or future) may be included in this session, if appropriate. A clairvoyant reading focuses on information, decisions and choices.

With regards to health, I can tell you the psychic information I see clairvoyantly when we do your session, but I am not a licensed doctor or a medical professional. I can describe what spiritual issues might be affecting your energy field (such as cords, blocked chakras, curses or entities, etc) and how this affects your body because sometimes this information shows up during a session. However, this is never meant as a medical diagnosis or treatment. Always work with your doctor .

With regards to relationships, ethically I can only give you psychic information about other people as it pertains to you personally. This means that anyone who is in a relationship to you such as a spouse, relative, friend, neighbor or co-worker, etc can be read as long as the situation being read is mostly about you. I can read relationship situations involving potential future relationships (from your perspective). And I can read past relationships and how they might have affected you. I am not a medium but occasionally dying or recently deceased souls convey information.

The ethics of spiritual permission during a relationship reading is fluid and complex. I have your permission by default because you asked for the reading. I ask permission of the other person’s guides and higher self as the reading proceeds.

Aura and Chakra reading:

The aura and chakra reading focuses on your energy body, with emphasis on chakras, blocked energy, cords, grounding, Auric integrity, time-line issues, including past life, external energies and psychic influences. This reading focuses on the transformation of energy. As the reading progresses I will describe what I see and use shamanic techniques to shift, banish and transform blocked, stagnant and unhealthy energy and restore the integrity of your aura to it’s perfect “factory settings”.

If you are not sure which reading to schedule, try the general clairvoyant reading because whatever you need to know and do will show up no matter what.


Sessions are